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Keynote Lectures

World-renowned scientists will tell you first-hand about their discoveries and research. Nobel Prize Laureate, Lasker-Debakey Prize, distinguished researchers and remarkable doctors will give us a rare glimpse of all the hard work behind some of the major discoveries of our time and tell us their story of what it took to get there.

Keynote Lecture | Gilles Van Cutsem

Dr. Gilles Van Cutsem was born in Belgium but it is in tropical climates that he operates nowadays, both as a Medical Coordinator for...

Keynote Lecture | Michael Bishop

John Michael Bishop was born on 22nd February 1939 in York, Pennsylvania, to a Lutheran minister. After eight years of excellence in elementary school,...

Keynote Lecture | Sir Roy Yorke Calne

Sir Roy Calne was the father of immunosuppression in transplant patients, having developed the drug regimens needed to make the grafts last. These protocols...