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Pamela Gawler-Wright is a United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) Registered and Accredited Contemporary Psychotherapist, a Certified Trainer in Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Neuro-Linguistics, has a master of science in Psychology, Addictions and Ethnographic Research and works as a Freelance Trainer and Assessor. She is also External Moderator for the Institute for Transactional Analysis, a long serving member of the UKCP Ethics Committee and, more recently, a member of the Diversity, Equality and Social Responsibility Committee.

Ms Gawler-Wright is, as well, the Director of Training at BeeLeaf Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, a not-for-profit Organization she established  to work in the ethical, therapeutic application of Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy (NLP) and Ericksonian Hypno- Psychotherapy, allowing people to train in a learning environment that honor in practice the presuppositions of Erickson, Satir, Perls, Bateson and Systemic NLP.

As a renowned storyteller and pioneer in utilizing therapeutic storytelling in the treatment of trauma, depression and anxiety, Ms Gawler-Wright addresses dependence issues, self-esteem and anxiety through creative cultivation of emotional self-awareness, resilience, self-fulfillment and reality based optimism. Her work has been featured in “Therapy Today”, “The Huffington Post” and she is a frequent radio commentator, mostly for BBC.

In her lecture, Ms Gawler-Wright will elucidate us about the way she keeps pushing the boundaries in order to better serve more patients.

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FRONTAL magazine has an exclusive interview of Ms. Pamela Gawler-Wright to share with you!


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